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Foot Health Practitioner Insurance

Foot health practitioners play an important role in many people's lives. There are many foot conditions that impact people on a day to day basis. They help treat fungal nail infections, corns, and calluses. People with diabetes risk getting diabetic ulcers. However, thanks to foot health practitioners, they watch for early signs of diabetic ulcers and help prevent it. They also help trim and file nails to ensure they grow properly. 

Unfortunately, anything can go wrong during a treatment. That's why we recommend you get professionalliability insurance (PLI) in case anything happens to your client during a treatment. We also recommend general liability insurance (GLI) in case anything happens to your client from a 3rd party injury such as slipping in the building on their way to treatment and getting hurt. 

To learn more about the coverages that might be helpful for Foot Health Practitioners, get an insurance quote below.

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