insuranceCoaching for people's health risks your own
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Food and Wellness Coach

Coaching for people's health risks your own

Whether you need this service because you need to lose weight or to be healthy it’s never a bad thing to start  being mindful of what  you eat or how you exercise. Some people desperately need these services to better themselves and as a professional they look up to you to help them get through each day!

Being a health coach involves helping to improve and possibly saving peoples lives. Focusing your career on doing something that directly impacts peoples lives is a humbling yet satisfying feeling. It helps push you to work another day. But what if something goes wrong? Your treatment took a turn for the worse. You take liability for that. Lawsuits would likely be raised and demands for compensation are likely to be requested. 

As a coach you should have certification or license that allows you to work in these services, your title is important for those who seek help. You may give them the wrong diet or you don’t listen to them enough for their needs, you could be liable for negligence. To protect yourself from such a situation, professional liability insurance (PLI) has got your back. It covers any damages we may have accidentally caused and lifts part of the burden of a mess up. This type of insurance will help you keep your license or qualification that helps people. Another liability you should consider is commercial general liability, this type of insurance will help you with any accidents that happen in your clinic or property. Meaning it is not related to your profession, someone may fall down a flight of stairs and seriously injure themselves which means you are held liable for their injuries. This insurance will help you avoid such troubles and claims, so it is best you consider this insurance. Accidents are inevitable and may happen anywhere including your property, consider the food and wellness coach insurance for both coverages and ensure you are safe from lawsuits!

To learn more about the coverage might be helpful for health coaching,  get an insurance quote below.

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