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Flower Remedies Insurance

Remedy your risk with insurance


Flower remedies are used to help the body heal emotionally, physically and spiritually through the flower’s healing energy. These remedies are usually in the form of essences or essential oils. To extract the essence from the flower, you should place the flowers inside of some water and bring it to a boil.

You could also place the water flower mixture under the sun to help extract its essence. The mixture is then filtered from any flower remains to just keep the essence. The essence is then preserved in brandy for later use.  Essential oils require a large amount of flowers to make a small amount of oil. It’s essentially a highly concentrated form of the flower. The fragrance of the plant is usually extracted from steaming, pressing or distilling the plant material. The fragrance compound is then preserved in a carrier oil for human use. 


Flower essence can be used on your skin or ingested in small quantities. Some ingestible forms of flower essences are capsules, sprays, and even chewing gum. Bathing with flower essence is believed to be beneficial to your skin. It may also come in the form of cream to apply to areas in need of treatment. 


Essential oils are usually inhaled or used on your skin. It is often used in diffusers after being diluted in water. The scent is believed to help a person relax and help heal them. The oil could also be applied in lotions, baths and showers. 



Despite the completely natural process of producing essential oils and flower essences, There is still some risk involved. As a practitioner supplying these remedies, The oils and essences may contain contaminants and your client could also have an allergic reaction to them. To protect yourself from any damages you may accidentally cause to your client, you should get professionalliability insurance (PLI). General liability insurance (GLI) is also a must-have in case anyone gets injured within your workplace from a 3rd party. Someone may trip on a chair or slip on a slippery floor. 


Learn more about insurance for flower remedies by consulting with us. Click below to get a quote now.  

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