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Floral Therapy Insurance

Flower Therapy 

Flowers catch our eyes, they are beautiful and the aroma it gives off is calming. Roses, tulips, sunflowers, carnations, whichever is your favourite flower they bring joy to the home. Flowers can be used for appearances, healing and even therapy. Flower therapy can go from essential oils to flowers unaltered.

It is even said to heal you and give you home remedies after a session.The point of this therapy was so the emotional and psychological issues may be eased- several flowers have been used to treat a symptom such as mimulus flowers that ease fear and anxiety. For some people this helps ease pain they feel and eases their mind but sometimes it does not. As a professional you should know the types of flowers that are to treat certain issues or symptoms and give accurate readings. There are risks to having this therapy done: allergies, skin infections and even more psychological harm. There are several factors of how to treat patients and its important you are providing a safe procedure for them. Even though this therapy is relatively low risk it can still happen, protect yourself with professional and commercial general liability insurance. 

Professional liability can protect you with the practice you did on patients, meaning if you are a certified flower therapist and you need to perform physical contact but end up harming your patients, they can sue you. If they sue you, professional liability helps you from getting sued and lawsuits. Commercial general liability is if you own property or a clinic that provides these services, it is a must because any injuries and accidents that happened on property they can sue you as well. For example a patient comes in but slips at the front and heavily bodily injuries were made they have the right to sue but commercial general liability prevents that from happening. This saves you and your business from facing troubles. Flower therapy insurance is a package of the two which jumpstarts on your coverage. 

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