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Floatation Tank Therapy Insurance

Float your worries away

Floatation tank therapy is a type of therapy where the client lies in a float tank. It is sound proof, light proof, heated tank filled with salt water. The water and air are heated to your body temperature to give the illusion of floating in air. The salt in the water increases the density, making the subject float more easily.

It claims to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve the immune system, and improve recovery times. Although this form of therapy is low risk, the risk is always still there, working with water in enclosed spaces will present some liabilities and insurance is recommended. 

Professional liability insurance, General liability insurance

Every business and professional should have insurance, including floatation tank therapists and their businesses. Professional liability insurance will cover damages stemming from negligent occupational errors to accidents caused by the client while receiving their treatment. For example, a lid of a client’s floatation tank malfunctions and damages their swimsuit or maybe the water temperature was set too high and the client suffers severe burns and decides to take legal action against you, though in the worst case scenario the tank malfunctions and a client drowns. Professional liability insurance would cover any expenses required to right the situation. General liability insurance is recommended for any business owner, it covers any third party damages caused. For instance, a client slipped on water that was spilled in the hallway and has suffered major injuries as a result. Not only will general liability insurance cover the people involved but the product involved such as a broken tank. General liability insurance would cover any fees that come as a result of this. Insurance is a must have for any business owner, though not something you want to have to use but something nice to have to provide peace of mind. 

Learn more information about getting the right insurance to operate as a floatation tank therapist by consulting with one of our thorough brokers or get a free online quote now using the link attached below.

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