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What is GDPR, and why insurance policy needed?

The General Data Protection Regulation (a.k.a. GDPR) produces one personal privacy law throughout the European Union (EU) and is rapidly ending up being a global privacy standard. GDPR determines how and when a company can gather, share, store, and delete EU citizens' private information.

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Is Cryptocurrency's Block-Chain Safe from Cyber Crime Attacks? 

Just because Cryptocurrency services like Bitcoin uses "Block-Chain" technology, will hackers stop attacks? Think again. Using technology does not protect anyone from being hacked. There was over $1 billion in estimated hacking losses suffered by cryptocurrency exchanges last year alone. You need the most comprehensive protection available.

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Have you ever got an email or a text message via your cell phone or email address that demands immediate attention about securing your vital information? These messages always target personal information that can be stolen so hackers can impersonate the victim. Information like your social media accounts passwords, bank account pin, credit cards, residential address, phone number, and many more.

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How Real is Wire Fraud and Social Engineering

Have you ever had a long-lost friend sending you an emergency email asking for help for $500 as he has been kidnapped in a city you never heard of?

How about if this email is from your boss? What if the email has his picture, video and signature asking you to wire transfer to a vendor?

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Hacker will avoid law firm to stay out of trouble

Think again. The statistic we have says otherwise. 20% of most cyber claims resulting from social engineering and fraudulent funds transfer attacks directed at law firms.

Law firms are one fund's transfer fraud, ransomware, or email compromise away from exposure.

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Business Insurance IS NOT Cyber Insurance

From time to time, we have been asked by the business owner the same question. "Do I still need a Cyber Insurance policy if I've already purchased Commercial General Liability insurance?"

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How Would Ransomware Impact My Business

Imagine this, One day, you came to the office, turn on your computer, and a message pop up, "Your files are locked. Pay us bitcoin to unlock."

Unfortunately, you have fallen victim to Ransomware. The incident occurs when a hacker encrypted all of your files and won't unlock them until you pay a ransom. 

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Would Government immune to Cyber Crime Attack

The more money you have, the more enemies you have. Hackers have their eyes on the ultimate prize: the government security system. You might think that the government has an outstanding security system. However,

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Is "Work from Home" safe?

As more and more people adopt the concept of working from home, most companies look for various technology that supports these concepts. One of the most common approaches is using Microsofts TeamViewer or the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that are readily available on every Windows OS.