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Faith Healing Insurance

As a faith healer, people believe that you have some sort of holistic power that enables you to heal them spiritually and sometimes physically. That being said, as a faith healer nothing you do is guaranteed. People will have high expectations for you, but when these expectations aren't met you may be met with lawsuits. Don't leave yourself vulnerable, protect yourself with insurance.

Professional liability insurance and general liability insurance are highly recommended for faith healers. Professional liability insurance protects your company from our practices. For instance, you tell someone you can heal them with a few sessions, but it doesn't work out and they feel cheated. The client may decide to take legal action against you for negligence, but with professional liability insurance any legal fees or additional fees that come from it, you will be protected. General liability insurance is something every business needs. This insurance protect you from any third party injuries. For example, a client slips on a carpet inside of your business and gets injured. As a result they decide to take legal action against you to pay for these injuries. General liability insurance covers you in cases like this.

Learn more about insurance for faith healer by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.

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