insurance Facials can put you in a sticky situation
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Facial Insurance

Facials can put you in a sticky situation

After a long day, you begin feeling stressed, and agitated. That stress and agitation can begin showing signs on your face in the form of wrinkles, bags under your eyes, acne, and so much more. That’s why some people look forward to a beauty facial as a way to not only help reduce their stress but also help clear its signs from their face.

Facials help reduce mild acne, clean and relax your face, tighten up your skin while helping you feel more relaxed. A session takes about an hour as they cleanse, exfoliate, remove blackheads, massage your face, place a mask before providing some aftercare such as applying moisturizers and creams. 

Unfortunately, all these steps have their risks. Your clear skin dream could turn into a skin rash nightmare if you have an allergic reaction to any of the beauty products they use. If a harsh chemical gets into a client’s eyes, they could get eye damage or even go blind. As an esthetician, you could accidentally cut someone which could lead to bleeding, infections and possibly scarring. The beauty facial may have made them end up looking worse than they looked before and they could possibly sue you. That’s why we recommend getting professionalliability insurance (PLI) to protect you against such cases. 

However, every beauty salon has 3rd party risks. A slippery floor or a misstep on a staircase could lead someone to get injured. A chair could break while a client sits on it, causing them to get hurt. Loose hanging objects such as TVs and framed pictures could fall onto a client and hurt them. The client could press charges on the company based on the injury they received. 3rd party injuries are impossible to eliminate, that's why we recommend commercial general liability insurance to protect you against 3rd party injuries. 

Don’t wait until it is too late, get insured now. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as an esthetician consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.

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