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Eyebrow Insurance

Raise an eyebrow for insurance!

Eyebrow threading, lamination, shaping, waxing, tinting- those are just a few, there’s so much more services related to eyebrows. Most people like to get their eyebrows done occasionally or just for events.

Getting your eyebrows done also means paying for services to be done by a professional, whether it's your regular technician or a new one it’s important to know how they do the procedure. Your clients trust you to do these services which means trust and responsibility are in place. You may think it’s completely safe but the risks are there even if it's relatively low. Hygiene, cleanliness, and proper disposal all play a part in keeping you and your clients safe from infections. The risks that may happen are: infections, open wounds, rashes, ingrown hairs, sun sensitivity and even allergic reactions. Fungal infections and major injuries can happen anytime which poses a risk in your name and your business. These risks can affect a client’s health significantly or very minorly. These are things you'll have to consider as an eyebrow technician, otherwise you may be facing lawsuits. To avoid such troubles you can get eyebrow insurance, which consists of professional and commercial general liability

Your name and title is what makes you and your business unique but with accidents and negligence occuring it can ruin it. Professional Liability can help you with medical malpractices or anything to do with your negligence and accidents. For example, if your client asks for a waxing session and you burned or gave them an infection, that client may sue you for negligence, in which the insurance can protect you from such claims. Commercial general liability can protect you from claims that happened in your building or property, an example is a client slips on the floor and there are significant injuries. Commercial general liability is meant to protect you from those types of accidents. It's important to get Eyebrow insurance so that the services you provide will not affect your company negatively.   

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