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Enema Insurance

You might be going the wrong way without insurance (Enema). 

Enemas are injected as liquid or gas through the rectum into the lower part of the large intestine and are used to empty a patient's bowel. Medical professionals use enemas to facilitate the examination process or even to facilitate the application of medicine.

If done correctly, enemas are completely safe. However, a wrong application could cause internal injuries to the patient. Therefore, medical professionals applying enemas should be careful and should also have Professional Liability protection in case of incidents. 

Professional Liability Insurance or Medical Malpractice Insurance will protect professionals when their patients want to hold them liable for injuries due to mistakes or malpractice. For instance, if a doctor applying an enema accidentally damages a patient's colon tissue, which later leads to perforation, he might be found liable for the client's damages. Lawsuits involving injury claims are costly, so having liability insurance to protect your professional career from mistakes is essential.  

Other protection worth mentioning including Advertising, Social Media, Cyber breach. 

To learn more about all insurance coverages that might be helpful for medical professionals, get a free insurance quote below. 

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