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Endermologie Insurance

Lose cellulite with insurance

Endermologie is a noninvasive method for treating cellulite. Developed in France, it has gained popularity worldwide with almost 200,000 people being treated daily. The treatment is supplied through a handheld device and is to be done at a clinic. The device will mechanically stimulate cellular activity with massagers and suction.

Unlike other treatments where chemicals are used or where fat deposits are stimulated. Endermologie uses our own cellular activity to treat cellulite. The cellular activity sever connective bands that are pulling down parts of skin - causing a smoother looking appearance. In addition, the rollers will break up fat deposits near the top of the surface 

Despite their being very minimal risks, the specialized equipment can be very delicate. We recommend professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will cover damages from claims of negligent errors and malpractice. While general liability insurance will cover claims involving third parties, the coverage can range from physical damage to reputational damage. Investing into a safety net is a good idea, especially if you are dealing with sensitive cosmetic equipment. Get insured today.

Find out more about insurance for Endermologie by consulting with us or get a free online quote below.

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