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Electrotherapy insurance


Electrotherapy is one of the many applications of electricity in the medical field. It uses electricity for medical purposes like encouraging cell production. For instance, deep brain stimulators use electricity to cure neurological diseases. Working with electricity as a profession requires lots of attention to detail, especially in the medical field.

Small errors may end up causing huge repercussions down the line. For example, an incorrect application of external electrotherapy equipment can cause full-thickness burns. This is a field that needs a careful eye and lots of attention.

Professional liability insurance, general liability insurance

Especially in a field where mistakes carry tremendous repercussions, insurance is a wise investment. Professional liability insurance will cover damages from negligent occupational errors. For instance, a client wants to sue after noticing no improvement despite the multiple rounds of treatments, professional liability insurance would cover that. General liability insurance will cover damages that are more physical. For instance, if a client tripped on a cord, general liability insurance would cover that. Insurance is recommended for every business owner and professional.

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