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About The City

Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta, located on the North Saskatchewan River, and the surrounding region of Edmonton Metropolitan Area is also known as the central region of Alberta.

The city location of Edmonton had a population of 1,491,000 at the beginning of 2021, making it Alberta's second-largest city (after Calgary) and Canada's fifth-largest municipality. Edmonton's 2019 local demographics recorded a populace of 972,223. Additionally in 2016, Edmonton had a cosmopolitan populace of 1,321,426, making it the sixth-largest census city (CMA) in Canada.

Edmonton is North America's northern most city with a population over one million. A citizen of Edmonton is known as an Edmontonian.

Edmonton's historic growth has been facilitated with the absorption of five nearby city communities (Strathcona, North Edmonton, West Edmonton, Beverly and Jasper Place). Along with a collection of additions via 1982 and the annexation of 8,260 ha (82.6 km2; 31.9 sq mi) of land from Leduc Region and the City of Beaumont on January 1, 2019. Called the "Gateway to the North", the city is a staging factor for massive oil sands jobs in northern Alberta and large diamond mining procedures in the Northwest Territories.

Edmonton is a social, governmental and also educational centre. It holds a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the label "Canada's Festival City". It is house to North America's 2nd biggest shopping center, West Edmonton Shopping center (the globe's largest shopping mall from 1981 until 2004), as well as Fort Edmonton Park, Canada's biggest living history gallery.

From its start as a Hudson's Bay Business hair trading fort, Edmonton has progressed into a city with a vast array of social, sporting, and vacationer attractions. It is also the host of greater than two lots events an everyday year. The majority of Edmonton's population works in the solution and also trade sectors, in addition to in the community, rural and also federal governments.

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Place of Edmonton.
Edmonton is found on the North Saskatchewan River, near the facility of the province of Alberta. You can see more about the city in these maps of Edmonton. It is the northern most big city in Canada and, consequently, the northernmost city in The United States and Canada.

Edmonton is 685.25 sq. kilometres (264.58 sq. miles), according to Stats Canada.

As of the 2016 Census, Edmonton's population was 932,546 people, making it the second-largest city in Alberta, after Calgary. It is the fifth-largest city in Canada.

Much More Edmonton City Information.
Edmonton was incorporated as a town in 1892 and also as a city in 1904. Edmonton came to be the resources city of Alberta in 1905.

Federal government of City of Edmonton.
Edmonton local political elections are held every three years on the 3rd Monday in October. The last Edmonton municipal political election was held on Monday, October 17, 2016, when Don Iveson was re-elected as mayor. The city board of Edmonton, Alberta is made up of 13 elected representatives: one mayor as well as 12 city councilors.

Edmonton Economy.
Edmonton is a center for the oil and gas sector (thus the name of its National Hockey Organization group, the Oilers). It is also well-regarded for its research study and also modern technology sectors.

Edmonton Attractions.
Edmonton's major destinations consist of West Edmonton Shopping center (the biggest shopping mall in The United States and Canada), Fort Edmonton Park, the Alberta Legislature, the Royal Alberta Gallery, Devonian Botanic Garden, and also the Trans Canada Trail. There are likewise numerous sports arenas, consisting of Commonwealth Stadium, Clarke Stadium and also Rogers Area.

Edmonton Climate.
Edmonton has a rather completely dry environment, with warm summer seasons and also chilly winters months. Summers in Edmonton are hot and warm. Although July is the month with the most rain, showers and electrical storms are generally brief. July and August have the hottest temperature levels, with highs around 75 F (24 C). Summer days in June and July in Edmonton bring 17 hrs of daytime.

Winters in Edmonton are much less extreme than in numerous other Canadian cities, with reduced humidity and less snow. Although the winter months' temperature can dip to -40 C/F, the cold spells last just a few days and normally feature sunlight. January is the chilliest month in Edmonton, as well as the wind chill can make it feel much colder.


Edmonton Insurance Broker Offices

We have the following offices available in Edmonton.

Edmonton HQ at Westmount - 124 Street

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD The 124 Street area is one of Edmonton's most vibrant shopping and socializing districts, with more than 100 local independent restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, fashion boutiques, home decoration stores and another premium personal and professional services. With a surrounding population (3 km radius) of approximately 83,000, averaging about 38 years old, an average household income of $87,700, over 45,000 households and a traffic count of roughly 13,100 vehicles per day, The Grand offers an opportunity to work in a growing and diverse community.

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Address : 12408 108 Ave NW #304, Edmonton AB T5M 0H3

Telephone : (780) 669-9880



Edmonton Downtown - Net-iLink Insurance Office

Downtown Edmonton is the central business district of Edmonton, Alberta. Located at the city's geographical centre, the downtown area is bounded by 109 Street to the west, 105 Avenue to the north, 97 Street to the east, 97 Avenue and Rossdale Road to the south, and the North Saskatchewan River to the southeast.

Surrounding neighbourhoods include Oliver to the west, Queen Mary Park, Central McDougall and McCauley to the north, Boyle Street and Riverdale to the east, and Rossdale to the south.

The residents of Downtown Edmonton are represented by the Downtown Edmonton Community League, established in 1999, which runs a community hall located at 100 Avenue and 103 Street.

The Edmonton Oilers' arena, Rogers Place, is located in the middle of downtown. The Oilers play their home games at Rogers Place. Our office is just a walking distance from the arena.


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Address : 9913 108 Ave NW #2D, Edmonton AB T5H 1A5

Telephone : (780) 413-8238