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Drone Insurance

Flying a drone seems like an easy and fun way to take pictures of houses for real estate agents or to record different shots for your own business. However, no one ever thinks about the dangers that could occur while flying. For example, what happens if you crash the drone?

What happens when you accidentally hit someone with the drone and cause significant injury or, in the worst-case scenario, death. Drones can also cause tons of property damage, from breaking windows or hitting cars to causing fires.

Commercial Drone Liability Insurance

Commercial drone liability insurance can cover bodily injuries or property damage caused by the drone. This liability insurance will ensure that any mistakes or accidents made by the pilot or uncontrollable factors such as weather are covered. In addition, liability insurance will allow you to feel safe and protected if any accidents were to occur. For instance, if a gust of wind knocks your drone over and causes property damage or if you get too close to a house while taking photos and cause property damage. If you are found liable for such instances, you wouldn't need to worry, as commercial drone liability insurance would take care of it.

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