insuranceDo not leave the garage door remote in your car.

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Don’t leave the garage door remote in your car.

If you park outside a lot, don’t forget to take your garage remote in with you. One broken window and a thief could waltz right into your house. If you have a locking glove box, stash it there instead of on the visor. Don’t make a criminal’s job easier.

How to file a homeowners insurance claim

  1. File a police report.  If you are filing for a theft claim, file a police report to verify the crime's details and submit it to your insurance company.
  2. Contact your insurance company. Your coordination with your insurance company is essential during this time. They will likely provide you with relevant information about your policy's coverage and other details regarding your claim after informing them.
  3. Fill out the needed claim forms. In the homeowner's claim insurance process, you definitely need to fill out the necessary claim forms. The forms might be sent to you or provided through the company's online or mobile claims portal. You may also send photos or video evidence of the damages during this time. It's better to observe the time frame set by your insurance company.
  4. Submit documentation of everything. You'll need to substantiate the loss before your claim is granted. You may submit receipts, a list, or home inventory, which confirms the description and value of stolen or damaged items. It will increase your chances of getting fully reimbursed with your homeowner's claim insurance process.
  5. Make temporary repairs. If you have observed some leaks or holes in your home, you can make temporary repairs and hold onto your substantial documents while waiting for your claim to be granted.
  6. Prepare for the adjuster. You may be visited by an adjuster to assess the damage and confirm various details before reimbursement can proceed.
  7. Obtain repair or rebuild estimates from contractors in your area. Having estimates from licensed contractors can be an advantage in case the insurance company underrates your settlement amount. This is one helpful tip for every homeowner's claim insurance process.
  8. Receive the claim payout and complete repairs. After your claim is approved and you and the adjuster have agreed upon the settlement amount, you'll already receive your insurance payout.

Most common property insurance claims – and ways to prevent them

Some sorts of claims are beyond our control. But, some losses can also be prevented. Here are some of the most common reasons for home insurance claims and proven tips to prevent them.


Having your home broken into can be very distressing. Being robbed of valuables or sentimental precious items can be both a financial and, at the same time, emotional suffering.

Prevention tips:

  • Buy an alarm system.
  • Do not leave any house key outside.
  • Secure to lock all doors and windows every time you leave the house.
  • Notify a trusted neighbour if you will be away for more than a few days.
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