insuranceCybersecurity Insurance: A Must-Have for Educational Institutions
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Cybersecurity Insurance: A Must-Have for Educational Institutions

How Cybersecurity Insurance Protects Educational Institutions

Online school can be considered a blessing in disguise because students are able to go to school in bed while wearing pajamas. They also get to sleep in and do school at their own comfort. However, many overlook the dangers of online school. You might be questioning how doing school at home can cause more harm than in person.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people work at home, including cybercriminals. This especially gives cybercriminals more time on the internet, allowing them to commit more computer crimes. This not only puts students at risk but also the school’s staff. With everyone using the internet more often, daily users are vulnerable. How safe are the educational online software tools that schools use? How do students and teachers protect themselves from cyberattacks?


Cybersecurity insurance helps keep cybercrimes low and protects the school from being targeted for cyberattacks and cyberbullying. Ransomware attacks will keep the students from getting access to files or class links which does cause disruptions. Keep your educational institution safe from any damage by having cybersecurity insurance.

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