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Cupping Insurance

Cupping Insurance

Cupping is a form of treatment and healing as it is used for extremely sore muscles such as the back and neck. It is used to also treat migraine, arthritis (in the knee), acne and hives, but do they always work?

Professionals claim  it relieves pain short term but it is a continuous process for those who seek it. For professionals it is important to have a certification or higher that allows you to practice this treatment because it helps protect you and your business. Clients will be more willing to find someone with a qualification because they trust you as a professional to treat them than those that are not. Cupping has been around for several years helping those who need it and while it is relatively safe accidents may occur anytime and anywhere- including your business. While you may be providing this service it is best to get insurance so it won’t be complicated for you and your clients when an accident occurs. 

The risks of cupping are there which includes skin infections, burns, headaches and even nausea. These symptoms may occur after or during a session, as professional injuries may happen which means you should be diligent and cautious. Cupping means to take heated cups and place them on the skin. Most often it is the back area, discoloration will come with it. As a professional you should consider professional liability as it will protect you from accidents caused by you and your practice, an example: you are treating a client and the cup caused minor burns but soon got incredibly irritated a rash forms and becomes a serious infection, your client may sue you for this. With professional liability insurance it can protect you from that claim. Another coverage you should consider if you own a small clinic is commercial general liability, it is to protect you from claims from accidents. Let's say someone falls on your property and injures themselves- insurance can cover that accident . It is extremely important you consider cupping insurance as accidents are inevitable and it may help you with your stress and think more about your clients. 

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