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Courtroom Coaching Insurance

Coach in peace with insurance

Courtroom coaching is a service that is provided to clients who want to represent themselves in a courtroom setting but wants to be more prepared. It is a “limited legal service” that is offered to clients for matters that are minimal in scope, like small claims court disputes.

It helps their clients by helping them organize their facts, analyze weak points and strengths in the case, classification of the law and providing advice on speaking persuasively. As this industry deals with the legal system and private information, insurance is highly recommended to protect from negligence claims. 

In any situation where you are dealing with the legal system and sensitive personal information, insurance is a must have. Both general liability insurance and professional liability insurance is recommended due to the nature of court cases sometimes becoming heated. General liability insurance will cover the physical aspects, like if a client tripped it would be covered. Professional liability insurance covers more abstract aspects. For instance, a client is suing for compensation after stating that the coaching did not help them win the case. 

Find out more about insurance for courtroom coaching by consulting us or by getting a free online quote below. 

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