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Spending money saves lives and money.

People are often fond of saying “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” And while it may seem counterintuitive, in many cases this is true. Particularly when it comes to the health and safety of your workers.

Studies show that a business can save $8 for every dollar spent on a quality health and safety program. This is particularly important in the construction industry.

Take a moment to review your current insurance policies. Do you have enough coverage? Have your policies grown with you? If not, let us know. We’re here to insure your future.

Construction is helping build Canada.

Did you know that Canadian construction jobs are continuing to grow, helping our country grow as well?

In 2018, total new construction starts climbed by 20%. That means more projects, more workers, more potential safety issues. To capture your share of this construction boom, you must concentrate on craftsmanship, efficiency, time management, and above all safety.

We can help by taking one major worry off your plate so you can concentrate on what you do best. We know the construction business and its unique risks. Let us help you protect your business by creating an insurance plan that grows with you, protecting your current workers and your future profits.

Do you have the tools to do the job right?

The best craftsmanship requires the best tools, the best talent and the best insurance coverage.

That’s right, to maintain your quality, project after project, year after year, and to grow your business requires knowing what insurance is right for you. But you’re an expert in construction, not insurance. That’s why we’re here.

We focus on providing you with the best coverage for every project. Coverage that will grow with your business and your crew. To get the right insurance tools for your next job, get in touch with us today.

This one thing leads to business growth.

If you could only afford to do one thing to grow your business, it should always be to invest in your employees. But we’re not talking about salaries, although that’s important, too. No, the investment you should focus on goes deeper than the paycheck.

Investing in your employees means creating a culture of safety where rules are in place and enforced. Where equipment is monitored and always used property. Where training is a way of life.

And, of course, you carry the right type and amount of insurance to cover your job site, equipment and workers. We can help you with this last part, so you can concentrate on the rest.

Ready to get to work?

Around 7% of Canadian workers aged 15 and older are employed in the construction industry. That’s great news for your next construction projects, assuming you’re prepared to manage these workers and their safety.

As your business and its employees grow, so do your insurance needs. A policy you’ve had for years might not be right for you now. Avoid gaps and reduce your risk by getting timely coverage audits every couple of years, or better yet, every time you start a substantial new building project.

We make it easy to find out if you’ve got the right coverage. Get in touch with us today. Like a lot of Canadians, we’re ready to work for you.

Quality is never optional.

If you didn’t focus on quality, you wouldn’t be in this business. At least not for long. Too much rides on your work to make quality optional. But in the hustle and bustle of the demands of today’s fast tracked construction projects, one key element can be overlooked rather easily: Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

The key to maintaining quality, no matter what the conditions are on the job site, no matter how many workers you have, and no matter how tight your timeline, is maintaining the right insurance.

Let us help you determine the coverage you need to keep your workers and your business safe. You handle the project. We’ll handle your insurance.

It’s simple to move your business forward.

The secret to success is quite obvious. All you have to do is take the complexity out of your business to make growth simpler. Of course just because something is obvious doesn’t mean it’s easy.

For instance, your job site is filled with powerful machinery, heavy tools, high surfaces and people. It’s obvious that this combination requires specialized insurance coverage to keep your business moving forward. But understanding what you need isn’t always so easy.

That’s why we’re here. We make getting and maintaining the right level of insurance for your construction business as simple as a phone call, an email or even a text. So let’s move your business forward.

Here’s the secret to business growth.

In order to maintain a profit, a company must sell an extra $1,667,000 in services to offset $50,000 in losses from injuries, illness or damage.

Okay, that’s not the secret. Nor is the secret to simply avoid injuries, illness and property damage. That’s just impossible, particularly in the construction business. No.The secret is to understand the risk and to hold enough of the right types of insurance for when these issues happen on your job site.

Not sure where to start? Here’s another secret. We are here to help. Whether you need new coverage or would like an audit of what you already have. Let’s grow together.

What exactly are you building?

As a construction contractor, you can look at a set of plans and see what the final project will look like.

Every piece of wood, steel, brick or concrete is placed with practiced accuracy. That’s the art of the construction craftsman. It’s why you do what you do, day in and day out, under punishing conditions job after job. You’re erecting monuments to progress, building the future.

You know that every building needs a solid foundation. Well so does every business. And part of that foundation is the right insurance that covers your workers, your job sites, your equipment and your future. Let us help you ensure you’re on solid footing.