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Do you have the tools to do the job right?

The best craftsmanship requires the best tools, the best talent and the best insurance coverage.

That’s right, to maintain your quality, project after project, year after year, and to grow your business requires knowing what insurance is right for you. But you’re an expert in construction, not insurance. That’s why we’re here.

We focus on providing you with the best coverage for every project. Coverage that will grow with your business and your crew. To get the right insurance tools for your next job, get in touch with us today.

Can you afford to go to work?

Construction is a costly business. You know that better than we do. Your costs add up even before a job begins. But did you know that 15 percent of overall workers’ compensation costs are spent on workers who were injured at a construction site?

You can’t afford to work without the right insurance. But how much do you need? And what types of policies are right for you? Whether you’re looking for new coverage or just want someone to take a look at what you already have to make sure it’s good, we’re here to help.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Four reasons to fear for your bottom line.

If you’re in construction, you know the fatal four. Falls account for 39.2% of deaths on a job site. Being struck by an object, 8.2%. Electrocution results in 7.3% of deaths. And getting caught under or between objects is responsible for 5.1% of construction deaths.

Knowing the percentages isn’t enough. You need to move the odds in your favor, and in the favor of your workers.

Having the right insurance if vital for making sure your workers and your business are covered. If you’re not sure what you need, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Because safety is everyone’s business.

Quality is never optional.

If you didn’t focus on quality, you wouldn’t be in this business. At least not for long. Too much rides on your work to make quality optional. But in the hustle and bustle of the demands of today’s fast tracked construction projects, one key element can be overlooked rather easily: Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

The key to maintaining quality, no matter what the conditions are on the job site, no matter how many workers you have, and no matter how tight your timeline, is maintaining the right insurance.

Let us help you determine the coverage you need to keep your workers and your business safe. You handle the project. We’ll handle your insurance.

Today is going to hurt.

About 672 workers will be injured on the job in Canada today. How many workers are on your site?

By fostering a culture of safety, you can keep your worksite from becoming a part of this statistic. It’s not easy, sure. Doing the right thing never is. But it is the right thing — for your workers, for your business, for your country.

And you’re not alone. We offer specialized insurance coverage that works for you, protecting your people and providing you with a solid foundation upon with to complete every job without worrying if it will be the last. Put us to work for you.

Your livelihood is hazardous to your life.

During a 45-year career, there is a 1 in 200 chance that a construction worker will die from a work-related incident.

While today’s construction sites are safer than ever, nobody should be satisfied with this percentage. And while it may be easy to say this risk is unfortunately part of the job when you’re dealing with heavy machinery, hard conditions and humans, we think we need to do better.

Do each of your jobs start with a focus on safety? Are you fostering a work culture in which safety gear and practices are never forgotten? Are you covering your crew and your worksite with the right insurance? We can help.

What exactly are you building?

As a construction contractor, you can look at a set of plans and see what the final project will look like.

Every piece of wood, steel, brick or concrete is placed with practiced accuracy. That’s the art of the construction craftsman. It’s why you do what you do, day in and day out, under punishing conditions job after job. You’re erecting monuments to progress, building the future.

You know that every building needs a solid foundation. Well so does every business. And part of that foundation is the right insurance that covers your workers, your job sites, your equipment and your future. Let us help you ensure you’re on solid footing.

Is negligence hurting your workers?

Were you aware that 54 percent of the workers killed in a construction-related fall had no access to a personal fall arrest system? And 23 percent had access to a PFAS but did not use it?

In our business, negligence can lead to injury or death. There is no room for complacency by any of us. That’s why we encourage our clients to create a culture of safety — one in which safety equipment is never optional. And one that begins with a foundation of coverage.

If you’re not sure you have the right insurance coverage, ask us. We’ll happily audit your current policy.

Will anyone survive this?

Companies with 10 or fewer employees and those who are self-employed account for nearly half of all deaths on construction sites.

So why are small construction companies at such a big risk? It typically comes down to having the time, energy and focus on safety. Fewer people means more responsibilities at the top.

If you’re a construction contractor responsible for a small crew, you owe it to your workers and to your business to look at every decision from a safety perspective. And never start a job without the right insurance. We have you covered there.

We’ll help your men and your business not only survive, but thrive.