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Entrepreneurship is no good-old boys club.

Nearly 85% of Canadian women say they’re interested in starting a business. In fact, about 37 percent of all self-employed Canadians are women, and these female entrepreneurs tend to be younger and more highly educated than

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Always look forward

Being a great small business owner means being a great leader, and being a great leader is about being a forward thinker. Be bold! Go beyond proven business and market trends!

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Invest in your business by investing in your employees.

Making an investment in your people makes them feel valued, and therefore chances are they would also happily work not just to make money from you but to actually help grow your company.

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One in 10 Canadians wish they worked for a small- or medium-sized business.

Okay, so that number hasn’t been verified, but it is true that nine out of 10 Canadians in the private sector do work for a small- to medium-sized business.

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As a business owner, you have to understand the importance of sales and profit. Without constant cash flow coming in and out of your business, the likelihood of your establishment maintaining its stability is nearly impossible.

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Never settle for the way it has always been done.

Make one of your business and personal goals to stay ahead of new innovations in your industry and more broadly. This could mean embracing new technologies or trying new ideas, particularly from your own pool of talented employees.

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Five industries dominate the Canadian small business landscape.

Regardless of the business venture, you engage in or small business idea you have, you will have to insure it to safeguard yourself from the losses that come along.

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Reminder: you’re never in it alone.

Whether you’re a veteran entrepreneur or just getting started on your journey, it’s always good to learn from those who have gone before. Here are seven quick business tips from successful small business owners

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Automation is your friend.

Find new technologies and tools to help automate the tasks that are ancillary to your business. And always look for new ways to streamline your processes.