insuranceCorporates are Losing Over Wire Fraud and Social Engineering
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How Real is Wire Fraud and Social Engineering

Have you ever had a long-lost friend sending you an emergency email asking for help for $500 as he has been kidnapped in a city you never heard of?

How about if this email is from your boss? What if the email has his picture, video and signature asking you to wire transfer to a vendor?

Wire Fraud and Social Engineering are getting more sophisticated each day. A funds transfer request sent to a company's controller by someone pretending to be the CEO is getting harder and harder to detect. 

Unfortunately, the funds may be out the door, but at least you're not out of pocket. Consider our cyber insurance. You will be covered on the costs, restore your data, get you up and running again, either by a specialist to a data recovery or pay the extortion. The insurance company will look into your case and help your recovery.

cyber insurance


Corporates are losing over Wire Fraud and Social Engineering.  Cybercrime threats turn sophisticate fast,  Call us to discuss and learn how to identify, protect and recovery with Cyber Insurance before it's too late.

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