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Commercial General Liability

Incidents at work might cost your money and hair! 

Are you a business owner, or are you looking to start your own business? Owning a company might require a lot of time and effort, but the benefits that originate from it can be extensively rewarding. In order to protect your business investment, you will also need to protect your business from liability incidents.

If you become liable for an incident occurring at your business premises, there will be a lot of questioning regarding the what, how, who, and why the incident happened. Preventing and planning for incidents, however, is the answer. Incidents that can make you liable are dangerous for your business, and therefore you should always be prepared before they happen. 


Commercial General Liability 

Fortunately for business owners, Commercial General Liability is meant to cover businesses in situations where they become liable for injuries caused to others or even for damaging other peoples' property. For example, if you own a janitorial company, you will want to be covered for any damages that your cleaning employees might cause to people/property while cleaning. It could be that one of your cleaners breaks a client's computer possessing highly sensitive information. If you become liable and have to face legal lawsuits, Commercial General Liability can step in. 

To learn more about the coverages of General Commercial liability insurance, consult with us. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry form for General Commercial liability insurance.

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