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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Insurance

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that works by changing thought patterns in order to change moods and behaviours. It's based on the belief that negative actions or feelings are from current thought processes, not from the past. As in the name, it is a combination of cognitive therapy and behavioural therapy.

CBT is considered more of a short term approach and is quite effective. Compared to other therapy forms that require years to take effect, CBT often only needs 10 to 20 sessions. During sessions, the client and the therapist would identify current issues that may be contributing to the client’s state. 

Therapy can be stressful for both the client and the therapist. Insurance can help you and your business with peace of mind. We recommend professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance is highly recommended as mistakes can be costly in the field of therapy. It will cover claims involving negligent errors and malpractice. General liability insurance will cover claims involving third parties and covers a wide range of damages ranging from bodily harm to reputation damage. Investing into a safety net is always a good idea. Get insured today.

Find out more about insurance for cognitive behavioural therapy by consulting us or get a free online quote below.

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