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Chi Gong Instructors

Chi Gong Instructors

Chi Gong is a demanding activity, requiring the body and mind to find equilibrium. It requires one to endure years of training and years of experience. To teach this demanding art form is an even greater challenge.

These physical activities can easily injure their users if not done properly; making a mistake is not an option in this field. 

Professional liability insurance, general liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is essential to every working professional, it covers you from damages caused by negligent errors. For example, damages stemming from a student over exerting themselves while stretching would be covered. General liability insurance is highly recommended for any business owner as it covers damages that occurred on your property. For instance, someone slip[ing on your floors would be covered. Both of these insurance types are highly suggested for Chi Gong instructors.

To find out more insurance for Chi Gong and other professions, get a free online quote below or by consulting us.

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