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Position Title: NLP and UX Specialist (Intern)
Position Type: Full Time
Number of Vacancies: 1
Position Start Date: May 1, 2022
Position End Date: Sep 30, 2022 (may extend)
Job Location: Westmount, Edmonton
Job Description:

About Us
UW Insure Brokers is an award-winning, full-service insurance broker, a leading developer of broker technologies and remains at the front of innovative servicing in the personal insurance and commercial specialized insurance industry.

The Brokerage was nominated as Insurance Business of Canada's Insurance Broker of the year, won the title of North America Most Innovative Broker of the year 2019, Global Fintech has selected the company as "One of the most Innovative InsurTech100 company of the World", and Winner of IBC "Leaders of Change 2021"

We are committed to Artificial Intelligent research and development, focus on Digital Transformation, striving to be the disruptor of the global digital insurance industry.

UW Insure is currently seeking a bright and talented individual to grow their career with us in the digital arena.  The position of Digital Marketing Intern is expected to help us in the following areas:

Natural Language Processing Chat-Bot

We have chatbot, but we need a person to keep training the conversation, to design the call flow, helping with automation. You will be expected to perform a lot of listening, reading, writing, re-write or proofread based on your understanding of the business. We have experienced broker that will review your work and analyze your conversation flow and procedure flow designed by you. You will be expected to brainstorm and continue making improvement to make the AI smarter.

User Experience (UX) Design

We have Chatbot that converse, from phone, SMS, messenger that response when asked. You will be expected to design and plan on design and monitoring the outcome. There will be monitoring and responding to public engagement and passing the queries to our brokers. We expect the best NPS from the flow design creating a wonderful user experience.


You will be working with a group of people and a mentor, so you must be a good team player. Proof of vaccination needed. You need to be Canadian PR / Citizen to apply. Preference will be given to current student of IT / Technology.


Skills and Qualifications: - A basic understanding of insurance, business administration and contract law is important.
- English skill with the ability to read and write is essential, 
- A good team player but the ability to work independently.
- Excellent communication skills, diplomatic in resolving issues.
- Ability to meet schedules and deadlines
- Good computer skills

- The ability to read and write in another language is an asset.
- Knowledge of NLP, Chatbot including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Bot, Design UX and obtained credential in the area is an asset.
- Understanding of Natural Language Process (NLP) is an asset.