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Building Biologist Insurance

Building Biologist Insurance

As a building biologist it is your job to identify and address any health risks found inside buildings. People inside these buildings rely on you to keep a safe environment for them. With that being said, mistakes happen and we sometimes miss things. These mistakes can sometimes lead to the death or injury of others. In a case like this legal action may be taken against you.

Insurances like employers liability insurance and professional liability insurances are highly recommended. Employers liability insurance protects you in case you are unable to work. Accidents can happen and if you are unable to work due to a work related accident and no longer have an income, employers liability insurance can help. Professional liability insurance is highly recommended as being a building biologist you potentially put others lives in danger if you make a mistake. This insurance protects you from any mistakes you make on the job. Mistakes like missing certain things or forgetting to check certains areas that may cause illness or injuries, professional liability will cover you in case someone gets hurt as a result.

Learn more about insurance for building biologists by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.


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