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Optimize your brain with insurance

Brainwave optimization works on the basis that the brain can reorganize itself and recognize deficiencies. The brain produces different frequencies depending on what is needed. Delta and theta waves are produced when speed is not required, like during sleep. Beta waves are produced when quick thinking is needed, like when you’re doing a test.

However, stress and other factors will cause the brain to produce the wrong frequencies of waves, causing situations like feeling foggy, or a racing mind at bedtime. During treatment, electrodes are placed on the face to detect brainwaves, which are then translated into sound and played back to the patient. After hearing these sounds, the brain is to recognize and reorganize itself as it recognizes what is wrong. 


As brainwave optimization falls under the category of healthcare, it is highly recommended that business owners purchase insurance. Professional liability and general liability insurance are all suggested types. Professional liability insurance will cover claims involving negligent errors and malpractice. General liability insurance will cover claims involving physical damages against people and property. Being in the healthcare industry, the possible repercussions can be enormous. Investing into a safety net is a wise and practical decision. 


Find out more about insurance for brainwave optimization by consulting us or get a free online quote below. 

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