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Boxercise Insurance

Knock out your stress with insurance

As the name suggests, Boxercise is an activity that combines boxing and exercise. It is based on exercises that boxers use to keep in shape. Majority of the training is done with pads, bags, rope skipping and shadow boxing. Due to the intense nature of boxing, boxercise is a high intensity, full body exercise, with lessons typically lasting about 45 minutes. There are no physical contact involved between participants, so lower chance of injuries and potential lawsuits. However smaller injuries may occur, like sprains and sore knuckles. 

If you operate a business offering boxercise, insurance is highly recommended. Due to the high intensity of it, accidents are prone to happen. Professional liability insurance and general liability insurance are both wise investments. Professional liability insurance will cover claims involving negligent errors and malpractice. Like if an instructor makes a mistake that can cause a client to be injured, professional liability insurance would cover it. General liability insurance will cover claims involving damage caused by third parties, like if a client injured themselves after tripping on a cord. Investing into a reliable safety net to catch your fall should anything happen is always a good idea. Get insured today.


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