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Barre Insurance

Exercise assured with insurance

Barre is a physically demanding exercise, modelled after ballet and utilizing the ballet barre as part of its routines. It requires the participants to be flexible and have a strong set of core muscles.

Doing isometric exercises for extended periods of time combined with stretching can lead to injuries, requiring careful attention. Having insurance to back you up should accidents happen is a smart choice.  

Professional liability insurance, general liability insurance

Insurance is important for every professional, it protects them from damages they may have caused as part of their job. Professional insurance will cover you from any damages that came from negligent occupational errors, like if one of your students overexerted themselves during class. General liability insurance is also highly recommended as it will cover you from any physical damages that occurred, like if someone tripped in your studio. Both of these insurance types are suggested for Barre. 

Find out more about insurance for Barre and other related professions by consulting us or get a free online quote below. 

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