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Baby Massage Insurance

Tiny Mistakes might cost you big

Is there such a thing as a baby massage? Infant massages are becoming popular and are meant to be beneficial for babies. You will actually be surprised to learn that there are even infant massage therapists who provide classes on how mothers can massage their own babies. These massages need to be done carefully and with the proper guidance. Therapists providing these services need to be extremely careful as babies are usually more susceptible to injuries. Having adequate protection insurance when working with infants would be your best move. 

Professional Liability 


Professional Liability will allow you to be covered for negligent mistakes while providing your professional services. For instance, if you accidentally hurt or drop a baby while giving a massage, you can be liable for the injuries sustained by the child. Professional Liability in these situations will come in handy as it provides coverage for claims and lawsuits resulting from your negligent professional practice. Like many forms of insurance, Professional liability insurance will protect you and your business from suffering a major financial loss. This is one of the many preemptive measures that you can take.


General Liability Insurance 


On the other hand, general liability insurance will cover you and your business against injuries that your regular business operational activities cause to others (third-party accidents). It will also cover damages to the third parties' property. For instance, If a mother carrying a baby in your business falls due to a wet floor, even though you had put up a wet floor sign, she may decide to take legal action against you and in doing so whether you are found liable or not the legal fees or any other fees that come of the trial may be a huge financial deficit. To lessen the financial loss of the legal expenses or any other expense caused by third-party injuries protect yourself with general liability insurance.

We are dedicated to providing the best insurance for you and your business. To learn more about other coverages that might be helpful before providing professional baby massage services, get a free insurance quote below.

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