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Ayurveda Insurance

Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine practiced in India. Ayurveda states that there are 5 main elements that make up a person, being fire, water, earth, air, and space. These 5 elements combine into 3 doshas that control your body, being Vata dosha, pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha.

Each one is linked to a body function, and when these doshas are heavily imbalanced, your chance of becoming sick becomes higher. Ayurveda attempts to fix this with a series of special diets, herbal remedies, massages, yoga, and meditating. As well as reducing sickness, it’s also said to reduce stress and increase strength and stamina, among other things. However, even if you are trying to help other people, there is always the chance that you could end up unintentionally harming them. Harmful substances like lead, arsenic, or mercury have been found before in ayurvedic products, so in case of such a substance being applied to a client, it is important to be covered in that front. Ayurveda medicines can also conflict with conventional medicines used more commonly by doctors, or trigger allergic reactions, which can lead to other issues arising. Other risks can include overexertion in the exercises, allergic reactions in the diets required by the practice, or even malnutrition. 

You can get insurance for Ayurveda to help mitigate the risk of a client getting hurt or dying in the event of a mistake or unfortunate circumstance. Any sort of physical contact that ends up harming the client can spell the end of your business, as well as any injuries or trauma received while being treated. Without Professional Liability, you may be sued for medical  malpractice or claims of fraud or negligence. As with any other alternative medicine, it is important to have a backup plan or protection in case of the worst-case scenario. Commercial General Liability can help you in case of accidents happening near or in your establishment, such as tripping or slipping, which could be used as grounds to sue. 

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