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Art Therapy Insurance

Release your creativity with insurance. 

Art therapy is a combination of creativity and psychotherapy, using colors and imagination this may improve one’s thoughts and feelings. It's meant to be therapeutic and helps with complex feelings that words cannot describe. Some people are more visual than others which may benefit them to take art therapy.

This may be seen as treatment to help those who do suffer from a mental illness and need help to ease their mind, it is also seen as a benefit to get better. Art therapy is meant for everyone, there is no age limit to do this and its available in centres such as rehabilitation facilities, elder care, correctional institutes, and even hospitals. Children may need this and it is available in certain schools especially if there is a certified counsellor present. Certified professionals most likely will have expertise in counselling psychology or fine arts which means they will most likely have a degree or masters before doing this profession. They must also have trusted and good standing training and experience, this is a mandatory certification because you are dealing with emotions in different ranges. What if you are working with a client with anger issues but ends up harming themselves or what if you said something and it affected them negatively. These are accidents and negligence that can be avoided. Professional liability is a first step in this profession because it protects you and allows you to work safely with patients.

Art Therapy Insurance helps you work with people while staying protected. The point of this insurance is if any accidents or negligence occurs from you, it can be used to protect your standing. An example would be if a patient comes in and does not use the instruments properly and ends up hurting themselves, you can be sued for negligence, with the insurance applied you will no longer have to worry. The next insurance it includes is commercial general liability. Commercial general liability helps with any accidents that occured on the property or in the building you own. For example you own a clinic where a patient slips and falls which causes injuries, they have a right to sue you, which then the insurance comes in to protect you from lawsuits.

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