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Aromatherapy Insurance

Smells good? That's the smell of insurance.

Aromatherapy consists of essential oils, aroma sticks and aromatherapy necklaces, the use of these items is for therapeutic benefits. It has been claimed to help with dry mouths, anxiety, depression and even insomnia. You may think that these are just for making your home smell nice or it's to just relax you but in some people it is a type of treatment.

Aromatherapy  depending on the oil essentials you use can cause effects, the following oils that may cause itchiness or rashes are: oregano, cinnamon bark, Jasmin, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, chamomile, and bergamot. Choosing your method is extremely important too because allergies can occur while doing this at home or in a clinic. Meaning if you provide this service you have to be diligent with people's health, because some can have extreme reactions that send them to the emergency. If you have this service you should have a certification that proves you are a professional that will allow patients or clients to trust you and your business. But what if your client gets a bad reaction and gets sent to the emergency, or what if you applied the oil and itchiness and rashes occur? Professional and commercial general liability can protect you from your mishaps and negligence. 

Professional liability helps you keep you and your business safe by your negligence and accidents. If it’s in a medical profession it is known as medical malpractice- an accident occurs when you are performing a procedure. For example you apply oil to a patients body even though she claims she had no allergies but rashes form or even worse she gets sent to the hospital. Insurance can cover that which protects your title and reputation. Commercial general Liability is considered as well because it comes with the coverage of your property meaning any accidents that occur there are covered. A patient comes in and falls onto the floor which injures her and she sues. Commercial general liability has the ability to get rid of that claim and covers that accident which gets you out of trouble. Aromatherapy insurance is available and will come with these two coverages to ensure you and your business the best.

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