insuranceAre you a risky bet? Small claims on home insurance make
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home insurance risky

Are you a risky bet?

If you’ve ever filed a claim against your homeowner’s insurance, you’re a riskier bet for an insurance company. Don’t worry, you’re supposed to use your insurance, but if you file frequent claims or several for the same issue, you may find your rates going up or

have trouble getting a decent rate on your next home, or no insurance company is willing to take in your risk.

Anyone who has ever filed a homeownerinsurance claim is considered not a favorable risk to the insurance company. While insurance is there to cover the loss if you file a claim, there is a good chance that your rates will go up. If you have filed several claims, you may have trouble renewing your policy or getting a new policy for your home.

Are you a risky bet? Small claims on home insurance make you less appealing to compete for business in the eyes of the insurer. You are riskier than someone usually means a decline or higher premium. .

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