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Animal therapy insurance

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Therapy animals 

Unlike service animals, therapy animals are not specifically trained to do tasks or work for a person with disabilities. Therapy animals are there to emotionally support and help an individual cope with health problems.

The most common therapy animals are dogs, and they are usually evaluated on their ability to interact with people easily. However, even when most therapy animals are chosen for their docility and people-friendly characteristics, they are still animals. Therefore, individuals working with them need to be prepared for any incidents. 

A therapy animal like a dog would constantly meet and help numerous people, which increases the risk it might decide to attack someone one day. As previously mentioned, therapy animals are still animals, and their natural instincts could one day unleash if they are triggered by something that makes them uncomfortable or stressed. Yes, therapy animals are indeed less likely to react aggressively than a common untrained animal. Still, if you run an animal therapy service company, you would want to take zero chances by having the right insurance. For instance, to avoid incurring costly expenses of lawsuits that come from third-party injury claims caused by the therapy animal, you will want to obtain some liability coverage. Liability insurance coverages for therapy animals might differ and require specific adjustments to meet certain requirements, so it is essential to find out what insurances will offer for these particular cases. 

To learn more about the coverages you can get for a therapy animal company, click on the insurance inquiry quote below.

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