insuranceAnimal Acupressure? Yes, There's Insurance For That!
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Animal Acupressure Insurance

Animal Acupressure? Yes, there's insurance for that!

No way! Is animal acupressure a thing? Believe it or not, animal acupressure is a well-known technique where particular acupuncture points in the animal's body are manually stimulated to increase the flow of energy in their body.

Nowadays, there are even products teaching about acupressure techniques and their benefits and organizations providing training classes for practitioners interested in the field. 

Whether you are currently in the acupressure business or planning to join it, you should be aware of the possible dangers of the practice. Having the right insurance for this business will be essential to deal with any unexpected incident. 

Professional Liability 

For instance, what if you injure an animal while providing a professional acupressure session? What if your professional advice or instructions to a client leads the animal to suffer an injury? Professional liability is there to protect you as a professional from negligent mistakes, errors and omissions related to your professional practice. You can protect yourself from costly lawsuits and other claims arising because of negligent practice by having the right professional liability coverage.  

General Liability 

There might also be other incidents not directly related to your professional practice but to your regular business operations. For instance, when dealing with animals, you risk that they cause damage to third parties' property or the risk that an animal injures another customer present within your business. Or maybe just an incident where a customer injuries himself/herself while at your premises. In incidents where you become liable for third-party injuries or third-party property damages, General liability will come in handy.  

To learn more about other coverages that might be helpful for animal acupressure providers, get a free insurance quote below. 

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