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Allergy Therapy Insurance

Get protected with insurance!

Allergies cause reactions to your body which believes it is a threat to your immune system. When allergies occur you sneeze, form rashes, itchiness, watery eyes, and other reactions.

With allergies it’s important to get tested before it gets complicated and with those that did get tested, they have a choice to either be diligent or to grow a tolerance to what they’re allergic to. Allergen immunotherapy is the proper term for this treatment, there are currently three forms of food allergen immunotherapy: oral, sublingual, and epicutaneous. Oral immunotherapy is consuming the food in small amounts and the amount will gradually increase until you are able to eat a certain amount without any reactions. Sublingual immunotherapy is having food under the tongue which may be swallowed or spit out- the amounts are typically less than the oral immunotherapy. Epicutaneous immunotherapy is a food patch which is then applied onto the skin and is worn throughout the day. It sits there for hours and each day the hours increase gradually, which once it's worn for 24 hours it must be replaced. You may think there’s risks doing this treatment, and there are the risks can be severe if it didn’t go right the first session meaning it can send patients to the hospital for a severe reaction which can change their life. If you did that you can be sued for negligence and you will face lawsuits- professionalliability and commercial liability can help you in these situations. 

Professional liability can help you with accidents and negligence caused by you. An example would be you begin the treatment but end up in the emergency because the airway is closed, professional liability can help you with avoiding such lawsuits for medicalmalpractice. It is extremely important to be a certified doctor or professional for these services because patients look for your title and qualifications as they put their trust in you. Commercial general liability helps with any accidents that happen in the clinic or on your property, an example would be someone falling and hurting themselves, the insurance can protect you from those too. Allergy therapy insurance offers the two insurances for more protection which may help you ease a bit.

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