insuranceAllergic to High Cost? Get Allergy Testing Insurance
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Allergy Testing Insurance

Allergic to High Costs? Insurance can help with that!

Allergies are considered “inappropriate” responses of the body’s immune system as they are exaggerated responses to supposedly harmless substances. For example, tree and grass pollen are generally considered harmless, but they are common allergens because some bodies consider them a threat. As a result, the exaggerated responses could lead to side effects such as runny nose, sneezing, skin irritation, and watery eyes. 

Allergy tests are performed to patients to determine what substances might cause the body to produce an allergy reaction. There are two types of allergy testing: a skin test or a blood test. The exam is done by a licensed allergy specialist and they perform the test by exposing patients to a tiny amount of a particular substance. They observe the area that has been exposed and record the type of reaction that may occur, if there is one. 

The risks of allergy testing are typically low, and tend to only produce mild side effects such as mild itchiness and redness. There are rarely severe reactions, but if you develop one, immediately seek medical attention and call the doctor’s office. Therefore, it is important to have insurance for allergy testing as some risks are inevitable. Insurance can act as an extra layer of protection, similar to our body’s immune system. 

The best insurance to get is professional and commercial general liability because they both keep you and your business protected. Commercial general liability protects your business if there was an accident that occurred on your property. Professional liability helps you from medical malpractice for example if you tested someone for a copper allergy but they reacted extremely unwell that it requires a medical emergency then you could be held accountable for that. If something happened in the lab and gave false results as in a false negative or positive it could result in dangerous outcomes for that patient. This may cause patients to file lawsuits which will affect the business greatly. 

Learn more about insurance for allergy testing by consulting with us or by obtaining a free quote below. 

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