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Acrobatic Instructor Insurance

Acrobatic Insurance

Acrobatics is a risky and thrilling performance practice that requires a lot of training and agility.  Instructors of acrobatics have a great responsibility to ensure their students don't injure themselves while learning risky positions and movements.

Therefore, as a professional acrobatic instructor, you will want to ensure you have the right insurance to protect you from injury claims. 

Professional Liability Insurance is an essential coverage for all kinds of professions but specially for those that involve risk and high responsibility. Professional Liability Insurance will protect those with professional expertise in a specific area against claims arising from their negligent mistakes or malpractice. For example, if a student breaks their back while the instructor is directing a class, the instructor might be held liable for the student's injuries. The student might claim the injury resulted from negligent guidance of the instructor and might place a lawsuit. Lawsuits can be costly and might damage the reputation of the acrobatic instructor. Without Professional Liability Insurance, the professional instructor might see himself financially struggling. 

To learn more about other coverages that might be helpful for acrobatic instructors, get a free insurance quote below.

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