insuranceA personal health record leak has me over my knees
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A personal health record leak has me over my knees

Is the Canadian healthcare system considered a big fish for cyberattacks?

The Canadian healthcare system has records of all Canadians who have visited the hospital or other health clinics at least once.

Healthcare facilities have access to our personal information such as our address, phone number, occupation, healthcare card number, and other confidential data that can be used against us if it falls into the wrong hands. Hackers can use secrets or confidential information about specific sectors in the healthcare system to carry out ransomware. As a result, the healthcare system's intellectual property may be highly exposed to cyberattacks if preventive measures are not taken. 


It is also important that the healthcare top management take adequate preventative measures to protect themselves against attack. The Canadian health system has to heavily invest in cybersecurity, such as obtaining cyber insurance, because they transact most of the activities through the internet. Their database contains lots of confidential information and valuable data that are digitally stored. Therefore, healthcare authorities must pay special attention to data protection. They have to reevaluate their security measures to ensure that their system is not compromised and protected with top security measures. As a result, there is no doubt that the Canadian healthcare system is considered a big fish for cyberattacks. 

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